Crazy? Me?

I believe all of us have quite a few derogatory names we’re called by. Same goes for me, but ‘crazy’ happens to be one that’s overused a lot. Why? No clue. I mean, most people don’t even know most of the crazy stuff I do. It’s almost like – ‘Hey, I can’t find anything wrong with him, why not call him crazy?’

Since most of you guys have no idea, let me give you a few reasons to call me crazy.

  • Those notes at the back of my cupboard: I have placed several notes behind my cupboard, making sure they’re very tough to take out. I think there are still quite a few of them back from class 5.
  • My broken headphone collection: No clue why I’ve kept every headphone I’ve ever broken. No clue.
  • My bookmark list: I read a lot of blogs. A LOT of them. If you’re reading this, I’ve probably dug up all the info found on the internet on you, and memorized it (jotted down, if you’re important). I’m not kidding. I’ve read blogs of friends of friends and their friends too, and I almost certainly wonder if I should start a convo with some of them.
  •  My wires: I demand NO ONE touch my wires and cables even if touching them causes no harm at all.
  •  My music library: I associate every song with a memory. I believe all of us do this, but I take to a entire new level, looping a particular song when I want to feel a certain way.
  • Mosquitoes: When I kill them, I don’t throw them away. I collect them in a corner.

And last, by quite possibly the craziest:

  • TheTruth.txt: Sitting on my desktop for more than 4 odd years now; TheTruth.txt has inexplicably embarrassing stuff in it. In that, uh, funnily named text file, I have detailed every bad thing that has happened to me, ever, with details on who perpetrated it, and what I did to fix it; if I could, at all. Scary, I know. I wasn’t kidding when I said, ‘Forgive, but never forget’.

6 thoughts on “Crazy? Me?”

    1. You blood, blood, blood,
      I can feel it,
      Let it flow though my veins too,
      Let us become one,
      My axe beckons you,
      Do not let me down,
      For you and I are one.

  1. LOL @ mosquitoes! Also, want pics of cupboard notes. xD
    And well… It’s not only you who is crazy, we all are. And I feel proud when someone calls me that. ^^

  2. Point 1 and Point 2. Exactly the stuff i do. The Truth.txt,well i have a diary version of it. I don’t know about crazy. but I’m geting certain about the Fair bit. xD

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